Of course as a new mom you want to remember every little aspect of that precious little bundle of joys first months of life. You most likely have that camera right nearby in order to capture ever special little thing that your baby does…from those first smiles brought on by gas to the baby just sleeping peacefully. You can do a lot with pictures making scrapbooks, photo cards, and even homemade calendars. And these make for great gifts for family members as well….especially the grandparents!

Here is a great keepsake that is very fun to make and you can even have your other children help to make it as well. Shrinky Dink handprint key chains! I remember these things way back when I was a kid and they are so much fun. Pretty much all you need is the Shrinky Dink shrink film, an ink pad and a hole puncher. acrylic charms

You can do a handprint or a footprint or perhaps even both. You want to make the print impression on the shrink film. Make sure that you do not use too much ink – that is why an ink pad seems to work best. If you do use too much ink just blot it so that it will not run off the film. Also be sure that you only use water based inks and not oil based inks. You can then personalize it by simply writing the child’s name and birth date under the print. You then cut it out. Remember that these are going to shrink so do not cut it too small. You can even cut it in different shapes or used border scissor to create an edged effect.

Then you want to punch a hole in your charm. Be sure to punch a hole in it before you shrink it because this is how you are going to put it on the keychain. Or if you prefer you can put it on a necklace chain as a charm.