When we talk about habit-forming, marijuana is really no different to alcohol, tobacco and many of the mind-altering substances out there. Something you might not be aware of, is that there are actually physical reasons why this is so, marijuana withdrawal symptoms. cbd gummibärchen amazon

When you quit weed, you are most likely going to experience cannabis withdrawals. Not everyone that quits weed will experience these symptoms, but if you have smoked often and for a long time, then it’s something you should certainly expect.

What Are Marijuana Withdrawal Symptoms?

When marijuana is smoked or ingested regularly for long periods, the user builds up a tolerance for the drug and will need more and more of the substance to produce the same desired effect of being stoned.

Soon, the body becomes dependent to the drug, and when it is no longer received the user will begin to experience withdrawal symptoms that can be quite overwhelming in nature.

Marijuana Withdrawal Symptoms are the physical reactions your body will experience due to a lack of marijuana. Many people will loudly report that marijuana has no physical addiction; you may also be thinking this. It’s simply not true, although marijuana is mostly a psychological addiction; there are indeed physical withdrawals that come along with the drug.

Want proof? Quit weed!

After years of marijuana abuse your body has adapted to the intake of toxins. Not necessarily THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol – the active agent that makes you high) but many of the other 420 chemicals found within marijuana.

Just as you have adapted to accept these chemicals over time, your body now needs to adapt to the lack of chemicals. This is not a bad thing; rather, your body is going through a marijuana detoxification, which is vital if you would like to experience the benefits that come along with quitting cannabis, such as more energy and a clearer mind.

What Are The Worst Marijuana Withdrawal Symptoms?

There are many different types of cannabis withdrawals, and the symptoms often differ from user to user. The three most common symptoms that we see users go through when they quit cannabis are listed below.

Anxiety.¬†This can be in the form of a panic attack, however, it is more commonly a subtle restlessness. Although this symptom is generally mild, it’s still a concern as it’s a constant feeling. Generally, the feeling is that of ‘something missing.’